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A Different Kind of Fast Food

Feed Your Body, Feed Your Mind

If you are looking for a new cuisine to try that is tasty and easy to eat, you should try Injera in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Our Ethiopian restaurant serves mouth-watering comfort food that has been tweaked for the American palate. We deliver and also offer grab and go for lunch.

For orders or inquiries, you may reach us through the contact information provided on this page. To keep yourself updated with our latest promos, please make sure to follow Injera on social media.

About the Restaurant

Injera was the brainchild of our founder who has been in the restaurant industry for more than 7 years. The restaurant aims to bring a unique kind of fast comfort food to the American diet. Ethiopian food is simple, delicious, and nutritious. With some minor adjustments done to cater to Americans’ taste buds, it is the ideal alternative to most of the unhealthy fast food that we consume almost every day.

Mission Statement

Providing authentic Ethiopian food utilizing a contemporary fast-casual model to ensure the highest quality ingredients and empower our farmers.

Teff Origins

❂Teff originated in the Horn of Africa, between 4000 BC and 2000 BC, corresponding to what is today modern day Ethiopia. Teff was one of the earliest plants domesticated. Genetic evidence points to E. pilosa as the most likely wild ancestor. It is grown for its tiny seeds and is similar to millet and quinoa in cooking but the seed is much smaller and cooks faster, thus using less fuel.

❂In Ethiopia, Teff is the most important commodity for both production and consumption. Teff is the main ingredient to prepare INJERA, a sourdough-risen flatbread. The flatbread INJERA provide livelihood for around 6.5 million small farmers in Ethiopia.

.❂Sometimes Teff is eaten in porridge and also used to prepare different alcoholic drinks, such as beers. Finally, due to its high mineral content, Teff is also mixed with soybeans, chickpeas or other grains to manufacture baby foods.